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The following list of ideas for serving others is adapted from a similar list found on the website of ( These are simply suggestions; you should feel free to come up with your own ideas!
Public Places
Soft Drink Giveaways
Newspaper Giveaways
Umbrella Escorts
Windshield Washing
Coffee Giveaways
Grocery Cart Returns
Donut Giveaway during Morning Traffic
Cookie Giveaway
Lifesavers Giveaway
Chewing Gum Giveaway
Lollipops/ Blow Pops
Bottled Water Giveaway
Flower Seeds

Sporting Events
Coffee Giveaways
Soft Drink Giveaways
Popcorn Giveaway
Popsicles Giveaway
Windshield Washing
Hand Cleaning Towelettes
Trash Pick-up
Bottled Water Giveaway
Refreshment Stand at Children’s Soccer Game

Windshield Washing
Soft Drinks for Shoppers
Business Window Washing
Toilet Cleaning
Soft Drink Giveaways to Employees
Cookie Giveaway
Cappuccino Giveaway
Shoe Shines
Hand Cleaning Towelettes
Stamps in Front of Post Office

Warfield Truck Stop
Hand out Goody Bags
Pre-Paid Long Distance Phone Card Giveaway
Buy Soft Drinks and Giveaway
Candy Bar Giveaway
Truck Stop Store Coupon Giveaway

Grill Hot Dogs
Helium Balloons for Kids
Polaroid Family Photos
Ice Cream Coupons
Gatorade at Biking Trails
Flower Seed Packets
Face Painting
Dog Wash
Golf Ball Giveaway
Golf Tee Giveaway
Bottled Water Giveaway

High School
Oranges or Gatorade for Sports Practice
Send Encouragement Notes to Teachers

Roadsides and Traffic Lights
Soft Drink Giveaways
Popsicle Giveaways
Hot Dog Cookout at Roadside Park
Car Wash
Windshield Washing
Check Oil and Fill
Single Mom’s Oil Change
Washer Fluid Fill
Tire Pressure Check
Interior Vacuuming
Interior Window Cleaning
Car Drying at Car Washes
Windshield Washing at Self-Serve Gas Stations
Buy Down Gas to Bargain Price
Hand Cleaning Towelettes at Gas Pumps

College Campuses
Bike Fix-up
Pen and Pencil Giveaway
Post Card and Stamp
Photocopy Card Giveaway
Soft Drinks, Gatorade, Lemonade Giveaway
Breakfast Pop Tarts Giveaway
Test Essay Booklet Giveaway
Coffee and Tea during Late Night Study Sessions
Pizza on Move-in Day at Dorms
Pre-Paid Long Distance Phone Cards Giveaway
Care Packages for Students
Gum, Candy, Snacks Giveaway

House to House
Saturday Morning Paper and Coffee Giveaway
Weed Spraying
Tree Limb Trimming
Fireplace Ash Removal
Fireplace Kindling
Shopping Assistance for Shut-Ins
Light Bulb Giveaway
Replace Battery for Smoke Detectors
Leaf Raking
Lawn Mowing
Grass Edging
Screen Cleaning
Food Delivery to Shut-Ins
Kitchen Cleanup
General Yard Cleanup
Door to Door Carnation Giveaway
Tulip Bulbs
Potted Plant Giveaways
Flower Seed Packet Giveaways
Sidewalk Sweeping
Window Washing
Community Dinner
Block Party for a Neighborhood

Pay Library Fines
“Biggie Size” Food Orders in Fast Food Drive Thru
Blood Pressure Screening
Christmas Tree Giveaway
Pay Laundromat Washer and Dryer
Carnations to Cemetery Visitors
Move-in Welcoming Party
Help Move New Residents
Scotch Tape at Christmas
Match Books
Time Change Reminder Flyers
Lawn Mower Tune-up

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