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An open letter to Midland

Photo - Dr. Gary DyerThe membership of First Baptist Church is “high on Midland.” It is here that we earn our living, raise our families, build our friendships, and worship our Lord together. Midland is a city that is blessed with some of the finest folks on earth.

We as a church family have determined that we would devote the year 2002 to a special thrust to serve the people of the city of Midland, sharing the wonderful love of Jesus with those who make up this special city.

We are implementing special projects and programs to minister to families, children, single adults, the lonely, the poor, the afflicted, the active, the affluent. Wherever there is a need to which we can respond as instruments of God’s loving touch, we are preparing to be there with a smile on our face and God’s love in our hearts. Watch for us in city parks, at service stations, in apartment complexes, at sporting events, at shopping centers, and elsewhere. Watch for us where people gather in groups and where people live all by themselves. We’ll be out there serving the great people of this city.

I’m delighted that you have pulled up our website. It will give you a great deal more insight into what “” is all about. If you, yourself, yearn for the touch of God’s love, be assured that you can call on us.

With joy in Jesus,

Gary Dyer, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Midland, Texas


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